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Study ranks most dangerous states for car accidents

In terms of safety, Florida drivers fall roughly in the middle in comparison to drivers in all 50 states. A insurance comparison site examined National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data from 2015 to determine which states had the safest drivers and where drivers were the most dangerous. It looked at motor vehicle accidents and examined statistics for drunk driving, careless driving, speeding, fatalities for every 100 million miles traveled, and failure to wear seat belts or obey traffic signals.

Advantages to creating a will

According to a 2011 poll, around 60 percent of U.S. residents have not made a will. Some Florida residents might not have one because they think estate planning is only for older people. However, there are a number of reasons people of all ages should consider creating one. For example, parents with minor children can use a will to appoint a guardian for them.

Heart attacks, car accident deaths rise on Thanksgiving Day

Florida residents may want to be wary of the deadliest holiday of the year, Thanksgiving Day, as it kicks off an entire season of higher death rates. In part, these deaths are because of the cold weather and more flu, but on Thanksgiving Day, the high death rate is caused by heart attacks and motor vehicle accidents. The holiday marks a shift in behaviors, even for just one day, that contribute to these high death rates.

How Trump could alter tax planning for Florida residents

Currently, American taxpayers pay personal federal income tax rates of 10 to 39.6 percent. Higher income earners may also be faced with a 3.8 percent surtax on investment income, which pushes the effective top tax rate to 43.4 percent. However, that may come down in 2017 as the result of Donald Trump's election.

How business owners can create an effective estate plan

While Florida entrepreneurs may spend most of their time trying to grow their companies, it should not come at the expense of estate planning. An estate plan may help to ensure that a lifetime of work doesn't unravel because of a sudden illness or becoming mentally incapacitated. A will may help ensure that business assets are distributed in a controlled manner in accordance with the wishes of the testator.

The importance of powers of attorney

Even youthful and healthy Florida residents can be left incapacitated following a workplace or automobile accident. Powers of attorneys designate trusted individuals to make important medical or financial decisions in these situations, and having these documents in place can prevent loved ones from having to deal with unnecessary legal obstacles during a time of great emotional stress. When incapacitated individuals have not taken this step, the person who wishes to make important decisions on their behalf must file a guardianship petition in court. This can be a costly and time-consuming process, and there is no guarantee that the decisions made by the petitioner will reflect the wishes of the incapacitated individual.

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