Case Histories

Personal Injury

Personal Injury/Automobile Accident

Florida/North Carolina

VanNess & VanNess obtained a jury verdict for our injured client after trial. The client was injured in an SUV rollover accident in North Carolina, whereby the client was ejected from the vehicle and paralyzed from the waist down.

Personal Injury/Automobile Accident

Citrus County, FL

Client was injured following a motorcycle vs. SUV collision. Client sustained neck, back, wrist and knee injuries. VanNess & VanNess tried the case and the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client.

Personal Injury/Correctional Facility

Citrus County, FL

VanNess and VanNess represented a client in a suit against a major correctional facility corporation that denied appropriate medical treatment for inmate, which resulted in a double valve heart replacement . The settlement amount is confidential.

Personal Injury/Asbestos


A 57 year old Florida man died after being diagnosed with mesothelioma resulting from exposure to asbestos. VanNess & VanNess served as counsel to the Personal Representative of the estate where a settlement was obtained.

Personal Injury/Asbestos


VanNess & VanNess represented an elderly gentleman diagnosed with asbestosis resulting from exposure to asbestos. The settlement was negotiated and settlement proceeds were received by our client during our client's lifetime. The settlement amount is confidential.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death/Mesothelioma

Florida/New York

A Florida man was diagnosed with mesothelioma caused from exposure to asbestos during his years of employment with a major corporation. VanNess & VanNess was contacted by the man and his family to represent them. The man passed away at 69 years of age. We obtained the appointment of the personal representative of the estate and served as co-counsel in this NY asbestos litigation case where a settlement was obtained.

Wrongful Death/Roofing Accident

Seminole County, FL

VanNess & VanNess negotiated a settlement for a client at the insurance company's policy limit. Client's husband died after falling through the roof of his home as a result of the negligence of a roofing company.

Wrongful Death/Automobile

Marion County, FL

VanNess & VanNess negotiated a wrongful death settlement for the surviving spouse and estate of a woman killed in an automobile accident on Highway 200 in Ocala, Fl. The settlement amount is confidential.

Trust Terminations

Trust Termination /Corporate Fiduciary

Hernando County, FL

VanNess & VanNess successfully terminated an Irrevocable trust after a representative of a major bank's trust department unduly influenced the settlor of the trust to create a trust naming the bank trust department as trustee of an irrevocable trust for the lifetime benefit of various family members. The terms of the trust were not favorable to the beneficiaries. Bank's trust department also failed to diversify/ prudently manage the trust assets. VanNess & VanNess terminated the trust which resulted in the trust assets being distributed outright to the beneficiaries. Termination of the trust also helped the beneficiaries avoid generation skipping taxes.

Trust Termination /Corporate Fiduciary

Citrus County, FL

VanNess & VanNess successfully terminated an irrevocable trust after the client complained of corporate trustee's management of trust assets and fees. VanNess & VanNess filed suit to terminate the Trust. A court order was entered terminating the trust and the trust assets were distributed to the beneficiaries outright.

Trust Termination /Corporate Fiduciary

Pinellas County, FL

Major bank trust department was responsible for the administration, management and distribution of the trust established by the client's parents for the benefit of the client. The client became dissatisfied with the services of the bank trust department. VanNess & VanNess successfully terminated the trust resulting in the trust assets being distributed to the only child who was the sole life income beneficiary and the remainder beneficiaries, four charitable organizations, on a negotiated basis.

Trust Termination /Corporate Fiduciary

St. Louis, MO

VanNess & VanNess was successful in obtaining a Trust termination in Missouri. Client was a resident of Florida and a lifetime income beneficiary of an irrevocable trust established in Missouri. Client was not satisfied with the administration and management of the trust by the corporate trustee. Trust assets, were distributed in negotiated shares to the current (our client) and remainder beneficiaries (our client's children).

Trust Termination /Corporate

Citrus County, FL

Trustee fees being charged by a corporate trustee were greater than the benefit being received by the beneficiaries of the trust. VanNess and VanNess successfully negotiated for all beneficiaries to agree to termination of the trust and distribution of all trust assets to our client who was the current income and discretionary principal beneficiaries of the trust.

Contested Estates

Contested Estate/Lack of Capacity & Undue Influence

Sumter County, FL

Undue influence was exerted on our client's elderly mother by a second husband. The resulting Last Will & Testament and Trust left everything to her second husband and nothing to her children from her first marriage. After our clients' mother passed way we filed a lawsuit and participated in extensive discovery . VanNess & VanNess was successful in obtaining a settlement.

Contested Estate/Estate Tax Apportionment

Citrus County, FL

VanNess & VanNess was successful in avoiding an improper estate tax apportionment for our client. A law firm handling the administration of an estate with a poorly drafted Last Will & Testament tried to apportion hundreds of thousands of dollars of estate taxes against our client's share of an estate. Our firm objected on behalf of our client and litigated the issue. We prevailed at a summary judgment hearing. Our client received all amounts due under the Will without reduction for estate taxes.

Contested Estate/IRA Beneficiary Designation

Dearborn, MI

A major bank's trust department committed an error on an IRA beneficiary designation. VanNess & VanNess was successful in setting aside the IRA beneficiary designation on record and establishing our client as the designated beneficiary which resulted in significant tax savings and an enhanced distribution to our client.

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